IRIS+ Quadcopter

The 3DR IRIS+ is a small highly portable quadcopter. Is the MRSG's all you need tool for small survey missions he flew more than 70 survey missions aquiring data with resolution up to 2.5 cm/pixel. Is powered by 3DR’s world famous and advanced autopilot Pixwahk, IRIS+ is a multicopter that will autonomusly fly where the operator progmams it to go.  And it’s so smart that it’s simple. The mission planner is an open scource software and has a tablet-based software that makes flight planning easy nad portable. The IRIS+ power system gives 16 minutes of flight time fully loaded with a small digital camera or a gimbal and a GoPRO.

The IRIS+ at the fist stage of marine data aquisisiton was modified to a floating drone.


IRIS+ Specs 

  • 16-22 minutes flight time*
  • Payload capacity 400 g (.8 lbs)
  • Integrated LEDs on all arms for trouble-free directional awareness
  • Remote controller with on-screen telemetry for instant data as you fly
  • Screw on, self-tightening propellers for easy assembly

The IRIS+ has Flight Protection thus it can land automatically, or return to a home point if it travels out of range or runs out of battery.

*Flight time varies with payload, wind conditions, altitude, temperature, humidity, flying style, and pilot skill.