DJI Phantom 4 RTK

The Phantom 4 RTK is a mapping drone capable of seriously accurate data collection. It is compatible with DJI Terra - the new 3D mapping software from DJI. It can produce extremely accurate data. This custom-built quadcopter is crafted from the ground up with accuracy in mind.

This results in:

  • 1cm+1ppm RTK Horizontal Positioning Accuracy
  • 1.5cm+1ppm RTK Vertical Positioning Accuracy
  • 5cm Absolute Horizontal Accuracy of Photogrammetric Models

The new technology in the Phantom 4 RTK means that fewer ground points are required to achieve the same high level of accuracy. The new RTK module, sitting on top of the existing Phantom 4 quadcopter body, collects centimeter-level positioning data in real-time. Extremely accurate positional data is then added to image metadata. An additional redundant GNSS module ensures that the Phantom 4 RTK will remain stable in flight regardless of the conditions. The combination of these modules makes for accurate data collection for a range of mapping, surveying or inspection workflows. 

The camera is the same as the Phantom 4 Pro, a 1" CMOS sensor that captures incredible detail. This high-resolution camera allows the Phantom 4 RTK to achieve a Ground Sample Distance (GSD) of 2.74 cm at 100 meters flight altitude. DJI rigorously calibrates each camera before dispatch, to ensure that the Phantom 4 RTK will collect only the most accurate images.

Basic Specs:

  • Design: Iconic Phantom Series
  • Weight: 1,391g
  • Dimensions: 251 x 298.78 x 172.72mm
  • Stabilisation: Three-axis gimbal
  • Video: 4K/60fps at 100Mbps
  • Hover Accuracy Range:
    • RTK enabled and functioning properly:
      Vertical:±0.1 m;Horizontal:±0.1 mRTK disabled
      Vertical:±0.1 m(with vision positioning );±0.5 m(with GNSS positioning)
      Horizontal:±0.3 m(with vision positioning); ±1.5 m(with GNSS positioning)
  • Camera: 1-inch CMOS, 20MP, Mechanical Shutter
  • Max Transmission: 7km
  • Rechargeable Battery: rechargeable (lithium polymer)
  • Voltage Provided: 15.2 V
  • Battery Capacity: 5870 mAh
  • Max Flight Time: 30 minutes
  • Obstacle Sensing: Five directions
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Full specs: