Harware & Software


MRSG hardware includes workstation computers, servers nad deticated cluster of HPC.

Our computer equipment includes

3 High-Performance PCs in a cluster mode for data processing,
1 High-Performance liquid cooled PC for photogrammetry data and 3D visualizations processing,
5 PC's for GIS and Remote sensing data analysis and visualization, and
1 dedicated server for data storage (research projects, survey missions, products).


The facilities of the MRSG include up to date hardware and the relevant software for image processing and geospatial analysis, as well as a wide array of ancillary and supporting equipment.

A suite of applications software provides state-of-the-art capabilities for image processing, mapping, modeling, statistical analysis, and visualization. Access to the following software systems is provided:

We also use other statistical, geospatial, and software development environments, depending on the needs of projects.