UAV data collection
The Marine Remote Sensing Group is equipped with various UAV systems for remote sensing applications. The UAV systems include long range flight coverage with our Phoreas fixed wing and short range surveys with various multi-copter systems. The MRSG's multi-copters have the capability to lift heavy payloads, such as small spectroradiometers, optical and thermal sensors. The MRSG’s UAV fleet includes six remotely piloted aircraft (UAV) for monitoring marine environmental phenomena (4 Mulitcopters with VTOL capability, two fixed wind, 1 for training and one for large area surveys), DGPS receiver for high-precision surveys and low-cost GNSS receivers and various camera types for spatial data acquisition.

Data processing

Our computer equipment includes 3 High-Performance PCs in a cluster mode for data processing, 1 High-Performance liquid cooled PC for photogrammetry data and 3D visualizations processing, 5 PC's for GIS and Remote sensing data analysis and visualization, and one dedicated server for data storage (research projects, survey missions, products).

Other equipment
The group uses two Laptops dedicated to working as Ground Stations for UAV surveys and several tools and open source software for the implementation of UAV survey missions.